Ruben Ros

Hi. I'm Ruben, a historian and digital humanist. I'm currently working as a junior researcher at Utrecht University.


About Me
Van Eijnatten, J., & Ros, R. (2019). The Eurocentric Fallacy. A Digital Approach to the Rise of Modernity, Civilization and Europe. International Journal for History, Culture and Modernity, 7.

Hengchen, S., Ros, R., and Marjanen, J. (2019). Models for “A data-driven approach to the changing vocabulary of the ‘nation’ in English, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish newspapers, 1750-1950”

Conceptual Vocabularies and Changing Meanings of “Foreign” in Dutch Foreign News (1815-1914). Digital Humanities 2019, Utrecht.

I'm Ruben, a twenty four year old graduate of history (ReMa, Utrecht University, 2019) with a pronounced interest in digital humanities, conceptual history and political history. Besides doing research I am a board member of the Dutch United Nations Association and an active member of PerspectieF. In the past I was a board member at DUNSA-Utrecht.

I am interested in conceptual history and political history. In answering historical questions I try to use computational methods. I have worked on the conceptual history of "buitenland" during my thesis project, and on the history of nationalism during my internship at COMHIS. At the moment I am a junior researcher at Utrecht University where I study the online afterlives of famous images. Find my past projects on GitHub